Amber Talarico is a freelance hair and makeup artist from the Midwest. She currently works as a freelance makeup artist in the LA area. Amber started her career at an early age, graduating from Aveda Frederic's Insitute of Indianapolis for cosmetology. After attending Aveda, Amber wanted to truly enhance her knowledge and techniques in makeup, and later attended one of the best schools in the world, Make Up Designory in Burbank, CA. Her passion for hair and makeup in fashion and entertainment has brought her to travel in various places through out the country such as Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, Indianapolis, and many others. Amber loves doing everything from natural hair and makeup to avant garde looks. She has experience in retail, bridal, film, commercial, fashion, music video, special effects and editorial.

Growing up, Amber wanted to be everything; a drummer in a girl band, an actress, and a fashion designer or a music servisor in film and even a psychiatrist at one point. It was one day that her mother suggested to her that she start thinking about going into hair and makeup for film and editorial. It was everything she wanted to do combined! She went to the most prestigious schools to get the best schooling, and learned how to network well with others. Since graduating from cosmetology school, she has done fashion shows, worked on independent films, commercials, music videos and worked on several photoshoots. Her passion shines through and she doesn't let anything stop that from happening.

Amber is always kind, and works well with all different types of personalities. She lives by the saying, "We don't make mistakes, we make discoveries." She is a firm believer in the fact that we are always learning, no matter how old, or how long anyone has been doing their job or craft. Educatiton is everything in her eyes, and she absolutley loves it. Amber's career means the world to her and anyone and everyone can see that a mile away.


Mission Statement:

"Believe in the Impossible, because the word itself spells I'm Possible."